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The Askagardian Adventurer's Guild - Courtyard

     Pale granite walls, slightly stained by age and weathering, raise nearly twenty rands in this 
    grand, arched entrance. The wooden double doors stand wide open as if the building welcomed everyone into its inner halls. Two 
    iron sconces, clearly newer than the walls, burn with a warm glow day and night. An ornate wooden sign proclaims this building 
    to be the Askagardian Adventurer's Guild. It fits neatly into the arch above the doorway. 
     Gorgeous spires and intricate stonework create a lovely feel for this otherwise sturdy and 
    serviceable building. A sheltered pedestal carved from the same granite as the building holds a beautifully framed sign.

Progressing further

This area is accessible to all. To enter the guild proper you are required to be a member. If you have made your descision and wish

to be a member of the Adventurer's guild, simply look at the sign and make your choice of profession and class from the selection the

guild has to offer.

The classes offered here

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