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Fighters at heart, paladins wear heavy armor and fight with a variety of weapons. Though they are very much like warriors in their fighting styles and skills, paladins differ in one very important way. They fight for a higher power and wield their weapons with the fervor of zealots. Some paladins choose to serve a specific deity, but all paladins fight on the side of Aryoch and the forces of creation.

Historians write of paladins that served specific gods before the Sundering, but those paladins disappeared even before the Sundering occurred. The last paladin of old reportedly lived in an elven city and fell defending its people. During the rise of King Rand, one of his bodyguards, a Ferami by the name of Ko, inherited ancient, pre-Sundering scrolls that contained the writings of an ancient paladin ancestor who served a goddess of fertility. Trusted and beloved by the king, Ko was allowed to practice and refine these ancient beliefs. He died defending Rand in an attack by bandits while traveling from Askagard to Chemer, but his teachings had already spread far and wide. Thus, a new breed of paladins now protect and serve the realms of Primordiax.

Paladins begin their training wearing chainmail but soon progress to platemail. They may train in any of the melee weapons skill trees, and they also have access to a variety of healing powers. Paladins specialize in buffing their entire party with invigorating forces.

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