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One of the oldest and most respected professions in the known world, elementalists manipulate the basic essences of the world in mystical and magical ways. Earth, air, fire, and water all answer to the call of these spell casters, and they can even forge temporary weapons formed completely of their chosen elements.

Elementalists may specialize in several aspects of magic. Some focus on one branch of creation while others may spread themselves between two or three branches. Others specialize in shields and temporary weapon enhancements while others focus purely on directing their magical forces as a fine-tuned weapon. An elementalist at work is often a wondrous sight to behold.

Air elementalists specialize in stunning their opponents and damaging them with bursts of air. Air can also be used to disorient foes and smashing them to the ground. Air can also serve as a wonderful shield to missile weapons.

Fire elementalists specialize in spectacular bursts of fire that can often set multiple foes ablaze. Fire shields damage enemies who try to attack the elementalist's body.

Water elementalists specialize in sending rapid bursts of summoned water to drive an enemy away from the caster as well as blinding or stunning the foe. Water shields prove be extremely effective against blunt weapons as well as ranged weapons.

Earth elementalists call upon the ground itself to trap and squeeze their enemies into submission. The most powerful earth elementalists draw shards of quartz and crystal out of the ground to stab their foes, and earth shields can completely encase a caster, preventing anything from getting in or out of the caster's vicinity.

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