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Warriors come from all backgrounds, races, cultures, and social circles. While diverse in upbringing and origin, one common trait tends to exist in all warriors: physical prowess. The heart of a warrior is one that strives for perfection with arms and the glorious challenge of physical combat. As straightforward as the duties of this profession may be, mastering the way of the warrior can be as complex as any other profession.

There are a wide variety of ways for a warrior to earn a living. Guarding caravans, protecting explorers, serving in the military, joining the city guard, working as a bodyguard, collecting bounties, or anything else for which a strong arm and a sturdy constitution are basic requirements. For such tasks it is hard to find someone better suited than the warrior.

Warriors are very hardy and extremely hard to take down. The combination of heavy armor, healthy bodies, and a proclivity for advanced defense tactics make them the sturdiest of combatants. Their skill with weapons means they can give punishment as well as take it. But their experience and training from the battlefield are possibly at least as valuable as all of their physical talents.

The backbone of any adventuring group is the warrior. Warriors provide excellent defense for the entire group and learn special tactics to keep the attention of foes upon themselves and away from their allies. This is especially important for members with limited defenses or with the need to channel arcane or mystical powers. The warrior often excels in leadership skills allowing for better coordination throughout a battle.

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