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Berserking did not exist as a profession until King Rand the Unifier organized the first group of remarkable individuals who could fly into whirlwinds of destructive fury and were reckless almost to a fault. For centuries one out of 200,000 babies, often a Blessed or Unblessed, were born with with the Curse of Blood. Often, the baby, male or female, would possess an easily identifiable birthmark on a shoulder or hip resembling a crimson rosette. Upon reaching adolescence children of Cursed Blood would often fly into an uncontrollable fury, hurting themselves and those around them. King Rand's childhood friend suffered from this malady, and together, they worked to change what was once a curse into a blessing.

With guidance, controlled training, and practice, those with the Curse of Blood could learn to become an amazing, though terrifying, asset in battle. Even with expert training and fine-tuned control, a berserker can still hurt friends in battle, but when directed and well-handled, a berserker can turn the tide of almost any battle to his or her favor.

Berserkers prefer light armor such as leather or studded leather, and they often wield as many weapons as they can hold or the biggest weapons that they can manage to swing. With the aid of an excellent healer or necromancer, the berserker can also serve as the center of battle in a war party. Though they cannot take as much damage as a warrior, the berserkers' fury can drop foes before they can do much harm.

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