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The Askagardian Scribe's Guild - Courtyard

    Grey cobblestones form the walkway for this sizeable circular courtyard. Life-sized, weather-stained statues depicting scholars 
   of old stand in eroding archways that line the grey stone buildings which form the courtyard. In the courtyards center, green and 
   brown vines wind their way around decorative stone pillars that in turn ring a pale marble fountain. Water gurgles lazily from the 
   fountain, the center of which has a sculpture of a quill crossed with a cracked saber. To the north, an ancient gray building
   decorated with carvings stands with double stone doors.
    A beautifully decorated page hangs behind a clear pane of glass against the wall of the building.

Progressing further

This area is accessible to all. To enter the guild proper you are required to be a member. If you have made your descision and wish

to be a member of the Scribe's guild, simply look at the page and make your choice of profession and class from the selection the

guild has to offer.

The classes offered here

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