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One of the most powerful support classes in the world of Primordiax, rogues can do some of the most brutal damage simply by knowing where and when to strike. Though less effective without party-mates to create the distractions necessary for a rogue to critically strike his or her opponent, the rogue also offers a measure of safety and security for follow adventurers by learning to detect and disarm potential traps. A well- trained rogue can also be very handy to have for opening a few locks here or there.

The rogue profession is likely one of the oldest in Primordiax. Strangely enough, it may also be one of the most honorable ones. Many of the largest rogue guilds, though hidden, have very specific codes of conduct that govern the behavior of their members. All of them differ in their requirements, but the penalty for disobeying is consistently harsh. Some rogues do venture out by themselves, but more often than not, these lone wolves find it difficult to become accomplished. Most solitary rogues befriend a very few close allies, forming their own support system.

Rogues wear leather armor and primarily use bladed weapons that can be coated with poisons. Some, however, use other melee combat weapons with alacrity and confidence. The rogue is an extremely versatile creature.

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