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Healers are born, not created. Sometimes their powers bloom late in life or after a traumatic injury. The power seems to be an inherited one but can often skip whole generations or die out altogether from a familial line. Though the profession is called healers, the requirements to join involve possession of powers over the forces of life and death. Not all those born with this power become healers. Some become necromancers.

The core of any true adventuring group is the healer. With a healer along, warriors, mages, and other combat classes are able to sustain much more damage than they could alone. In addition, the healer possesses a wide variety of knowledge that lends strength, agility, and sometimes even added defense. Through their powers tied so closely to life forces, healers can often stun or hold their enemies through use of this power. They, however, must hone their skills to a high degree before this is possible. The more powerful and gifted healers can even breathe life back into the bodies of the Blessed.

Healers also play a large role in crafting, for they can be the life or death of a project. Many crafters seek healers to replenish their energies during a particularly difficult attempt of creating their products. Healers may also resuscitate crafters after they have passed out from overexerting themselves.

Many healers draw some power from their religious affiliations, but most are simply well-versed in the studies of life energies. All healers are able to manipulate life energies, usually to the benefit of those they support. Some healers, however, also study ways to negatively affect their enemy's life forces, weakening them in various ways.

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