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The Askagardian Crafter's Guild - Courtyard

     The intricately carved arches and buttresses of this beautiful stone building indicate that this 
    may have once been a site for religious worship. The polished granite walls are in good repair but show signs of weathering and
    age. Repaired cracks and a tinge of yellow to the worn carvings give further evidence to how long this structure has been 
    standing. The four stained glass windows, two on either side of the diax wood doors, are definitely new and depict the four 
    elements and various tools of different trades. An engraved stone sign has been added to the facade and proudly proclaims that 
    this is the Crafters Guild.
     A sheltered alcove between the first window on the right and the doorway contains a single 
    leather-bound book.

Progressing further

This area is accessible to all. To enter the guild proper you are required to be a member. If you have made your descision and wish

to be a member of the Crafter's guild, simply look at the book and make your choice of profession and class from the selection the

guild has to offer.

The classes offered here

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