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Experts with the needle and thread, tailors turn cloth into fine garments, costumes, and even magical armor. While any fool can put two pieces of cloth together with thread and needle, a tailor seeks to master the tools of her trade. Stitches must be straight, embroideries must be beautiful, and cloth must be laid just right. A true tailor will accept nothing much perfection in the treatment of cloth and thread.

Their skills are highly valued by elementalists and chef, both of whom perform best in cloth. Elementalists, especially, seek highly skilled tailors for their magic can be enhanced by they lay of cloth and the lines of thread. Even the embroidery on a robe can affect the flow of magic. Master tailors are capable of creating designs that enhance one's appearance to the point that shopkeepers are affected.

Tailors can also make bags, plushies, and other cloth-based objects. Many of these items can be utilized in a special manner, and others can be collected. A good tailor is a must for any organization.

  • Released September 2010
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