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War. Some scholars believe it is inevitable. That as long as mortals create and live within structured societies there will always be struggles between them and that these struggles will, eventually, culminate in violence, mimicking our most brutal inner nature. As struggles escalate and opposing forces embrace and further their means of inflicting death and destruction upon one another, it is only logical that each side will seek to prevent loss of life and resources to some degree. As one wise philospher once said, "The best offense is often the best defense." Hence, armor has become a necessity to the individual in deflecting some of that violent damage.

Strength, patience, talent and stamina are all characteristics that make up the necessities required to be a successful armorer. Some say that it is a male dominated profession due to the required strength to work with sturdy materials such as iron. To discredit these ideologies elite female armor smiths have risen to prominence, becoming instrumental in developing new ways of restoring and creating stronger and more beautiful armor. Over the course of these past few years the gap between the two warring sexes has all but evaporated, though such prejudices still exist in the smaller cities where such artisans are scarcer. In large cities, such as Troj, all skilled mortals are welcome to set up shop and any who wish to learn the trade can find work as an apprentice at one of the numerous smith's shops.

The importance of the craft can hardly be underestimated. To many, one's armor is more than protection. It can also reflect status and lifestyle. Where a fine piece of armor can mean the difference between the life and death of a warrior, it can also be a prized possession to a nobleman, or a simple reminder to a widow who has lost a husband to war. Skilled armorers create what is needed, taking into concern its quality of precious metals, its battle efficiency, and in many cases the look, feel and statement it will make within the world of fashion.

The life of an armorer can be backbreaking but quite fruitful. It may take one years or even centuries to develop the skills necessary to become a master armorer. It is an arduous journey spent honing the craft through repetitious and meticulous work. Yet, the final product of such relentless care and pride is often awe inspiring. Master armorers are highly sought after and many budding smiths seek to apprentice under their tutelage. In such cases where an apprentice is accepted, it is customary for him to live and work with the master armorer closely until he is deemed ready to strike out on his own, something master armorers take very seriously as releasing an unfit apprentice under their name can leave their reputation damaged beyond repair.

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