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The Races of Primordiax

Several cultures and races share the world of Primordiax, and the Blessed and Unblessed are born to all of them. Each of these races and cultures possess their own histories and societal norms. Scholars have collected basic information about them and shared them with the Wikimalian Society. Please see the individual entries for extensive details about each of the races.

Race Name
General Description
A bipedal feline humanoid race, possessing tails and fur with markings. Long oppressed by the lukoi racially, they feel they are at last entering their Golden Age.
+perception, +dexterity, +resist necromancy
Reputed to be exclusively female, the dryads are plant-like humanoids, with an affinity for nature. Descended from the much more powerful Nemian dryads, they have lost some of their legendary powers.
A human-like race, short, stocky and dense. Stoic and hard-working, their culture centers around mining and building.
The base humanoid race, further subdivided by sub-races and culture.
An avian humanoid race with bird-like facial features including a beak. They are also feathered, and possess wings, although they are flightless.
A short human-like race, distinct from extinct gnomes and present-day dwarves, they are renowned builders and inventors with advanced tek.
A bipedal lupine, ursine or canine race also known as lupkyn, archaically. Their social structure is pack-oriented, and they are often skilled hunters.
+perception, +strength
A bipedal salamander-like humanoid race, possessing tails and a highly refined sense of direction. Their culture is tribal, and sometimes xenophobic.
A bipedal scorpion-like humanoid race, possessing exoskeletons and tails. Antennae-like protrusions adorn their heads, and their culture is highly regimented, militaristic, placing extreme emphasis on child-rearing.
An elf-like humanoid demi-aquatic race, possessing webbed hands and feet. They are theorized to be the distant descendants of the extinct elves.
+animal empathy, +animal training
- fatigue regen
A large stone-like humanoid race, noted for their precise hihn architecture, a complex science and art involving higher mathematical principles.
+Bonus to natural armor, +Bonus to gem-cutting, +Bonus to masonary

OOC note

Each of the races may be Blessed or Unblessed, and players are encouraged to rely heavily on the lore found in the files and within the game itself to build their characters. Though the files are extensive, there is plenty of room for creativity and the evolution of your character.

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