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Humanoids of many races and personalities populate the world of Primordiax. Even through apocalyptic tragedies such as the Sundering and the Taint of 203 AR, humanity has managed to re-establish its roots and eventually prosper.

Centuries of study and experimentation by various organizations has revealed that all humanoids possess an inherent life force energy that can be manipulated by people with certain gifts. Such individuals tend towards healing or necromantic professions. Throughout the centuries, a handful of individuals have stood out among the masses, and their life forces burn brighter and far longer than most. Many of these people progress towards a life of adventure or creative brilliance. All professions attract such people, and these individuals often attract the eyes of the gods.

The Blessed, as defined by the Argent Moon Collegia, are individuals whose spark cannot be completely extinguished through death alone; instead their spirit rekindles, manifesting and possessing a new physical form even if their previous incarnation was utterly destroyed. Such people retain all the memories and knowledge they formerly earned and are traditionally entitled many of the possessions they have accumulated over their lifespan. Though they inhabit a new body, they are virtually indistinguishable from one rekindling to the next.

Quite by accident, an enterprising dwarf discovered that a combination of certain stones and metals, now found in all morgues on Primordiax, draws Blessed spirits and aids them in reanimation. Scholars and mystics still do not know the exact process that goes into rekindling, but many believe that the gods play a large part in this process.

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