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Most trullocs are extremely wide and sturdy in build with well defined musculature. Their stone hides come in an amazing variation of colors and textures, much like the rocks that populate the world. Female trullocs have smaller waists and wider hips than their male counterparts. They are also extremely well known for their rather large chest endowments that are quite fitting for their stocky bodies. When bundled up in furs or winter clothing, male and female trullocs can hardly be distinguished from one another.

Male trullocs normally stand between 8.5 and 10 rands tall and weigh approximately 100 to 200 crown. Their musculature tends to be quite bulky as well as broad. Female height ranges between jev 7 and 9 [rand]]s, and they weight approximately 75 to 175 crown. Until their deaths, these rocky, gentle giants bleed much like any other sentient being. Their skins are half a thumb in thickness, and underneath that lies flesh and blood. Only upon their deaths will a trulloc's body turn into stone.

Trullocs do not have hair of any sort on their body, but they love to decorate their faces and heads. Many trullocs paint their skulls with bright, constrasting colors. Usually, the symbols or pictures depicted on their heads or faces consist of one or two major colors. Most males prefer hunting glyphs and symmetrical symbols while the females often mark themselves with decorative flowers or birds. Due to the scarcity of color found in their remote villages, most trullocs value bright dyes like other cultures value gems or precious metals. Some of the older members of their race also believe that certain symbols bring strength, prosperity, or power to those who know the proper placement of such designs.


From the northern moutain realms of Primordiax, Trullocs have always been a somewhat secretive yet peaceful race. Their thick, stone hides and large size often make them appear intimidating, and in some backwood towns, they are still considered monsters due to their appearance. This belief is completely contrary to the trullocs' actual beliefs and culture, since they are known to be extremely lawful, peaceful, and contemplative.

Trullocs usually live in small to medium sized villages composed of sturdy stone buildings with wooden supports. Their extremely specific architecture is often known as the "hihn" style of building. It is known for sturdiness and durability, much like the trullocs themselves.

Since they are fond of cold climates, most trulloc establishments are found in the far north or the far south. Some can also be found in the valleys of the highest mountain ranges in Primordiax. Protected by their stone-laced skin, trullocs can endure extremely cold temperatures with ease.

Trullocs are extremely fond of nuts and red meat, and all vegetables are considered a delicacy to them, due to the cold climates in which they often call home. Tropical fruits are an extremely rare treat, and trullocs have been known to duel for just a taste.

In recent years, a new trend has hit the younger generation of trullocs. Many of the young adults in some of the larger trulloc villages embed jewels and gold within their stone skins, creating striking patterns and a brilliant visual display. Most elders frown upon this practice, proclaiming the marring to be vulgar as well as obscene. In addition, they argue that such scarring can only bring ill luck and health. Strangely enough, the elders are correct in some aspects. Many a young trulloc have been found battered to pieces for the fine jewels embedded in their stony hides. Some of the more barbaric human cultures, especially the Krymians, believe that a gem obtained from under a trulloc's skin possesses magical powers.


Trullocs claim that they were born when the land was created by Aryoch, that they are children of the world itself. Thus, they believe they were the first race of Primordiax and caretakers of the Mother Orb or, in their native language, Mai'grom. This theory seems to be re-inforced by the forces of H'Coyra, since the vols especially delight in destroying trullocs and grinding their corpses into dust to be used in obscene ceremonies.

Deep within the Askakedja Range, an ancient castle of a trulloc king of old stands at the base of the tallest peak, or so it is said in fables and fairy tales. Some say that only trulloc eyes can distinguish the entrance from the mountain's face, but no one has seen it for a thousand years. All the treasures of the earth- gems, precious metals, and countless artifacts- hang in the great halls of the castle, whose name has been lost in history. Entire covens of trullocs exist with the sole goal of discovering and recovering their lost empire.

Racial Bonuses

+ Bonus to natural armor
+ Bonus to gem-cutting
+ Bonus to masonary


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