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We are working heavily on a timeline project. This will be on-going until the game's release and will continued to be updated by players.

This is all I've compiled so far from racial histories, and deduction:

Beginning of the world:
"Before all, was nothing. After all, nothing will be again, until all is again restored. Thus is Aryoch and H'Coyra, the All, the Nothing. As day and night are they, Creator and Unmaker. As sunrise and sunset divide day and night, night and day, so also are the Creation and the Annihilation.

Think you not, mortals, that you create as you rearrange Creation in your images, nor that you build. Likewise think you not that the power of Destruction is yours. All remains All, despite form, and not one thing that exists was not there in All. Nothing remains Nothing, with nothing to be destroyed, the perfect absence of All."
--- The Apocryphos: Book I: Chapter I: Script 1-2

Notes: The Creation beliefs are in no particular order. Anything with a preceding question mark might be located anywhere on the timeline, unless a location reference places it historically.

  • Dwarves believe that they are the purest culture in the world and that they have remained unchanging since the day that the gods put them on Primordiax.
  • The lukoi believe that they were created by an ancient nature deity and that they were his beloved.
  • Trullocs claim that they were born when Aryoch created the land, that they are children of the world itself. Thus, they believe they were the first race of Primordiax.
  • No other race on the face of Primordiax has a more controversial history than the talayis. Some historians believe that the race originated in the depths of the great oceans of the world as sea people. They point to the talayi's coloring and lightly webbed digits as proof of their suppositions. On the other hand, mystics claim that talayans descend from a strange mating between a sea god and a seal. These scholars claim that the race originally could shape-shift between the form of a seal and the form of a human, but they lost the ability when they fell from the sea god's favor. The talayans themselves believe that where created by a coalition of deities and charged to be caretakers of the realm's seas and beasts. Their long life is their reward for their service to the creations of Aryoch.
  • The salamaes of Primordiax have more Creation stories than any other race in the world. Quite possibly, every single salamae village tells its own version of the origins of their race. Some claim that an ancient goddess had a love for amphibians and created the salamae as caretakers of the wetlands in the world. Others claim that salamaes rode a gigantic turtle to this world from another star. On a darker note, one tribe of salamae, known for their black skin and varied gray spots, claim that they were born of the Void but that Aryoch blessed them with substance.

? Historians have discovered records of once massive dwarven civilizations in the hills and mountains that surround Askagard. Rumors of lost primordium and mithril mines flourish in this part of the world. One tale tells of a great stone castle buried in a massive underground cave system that was once the richest nation in the world- the great dwarven nation of Thurmogard ruled by King Blorthoi the Great. The throne room was said to be wreathed in murals of gold, mithril, and primordium, while King Blorthoi's great throne stood in the middle of of a raised onyx dais. The chair itself was constructed purely of a mysterious, black iron alloy and decorated with a thousand gems. The secrets of dwarven smithing, knowledge of alloys and metallic mixtures now lost, were said to be inscribed on the throne and inlaid in silver and gold. While the gems and metals on the throne are reputed to be worth quite a fortune, the secrets held in the scripture written on that historical seat are quite priceless.

? All the major aneskis of the world are located in various mountain ranges. The largest concentrated population of kestrels can be found in the Askakedja Mountains of Mitralon. Thus, many kestrels, mostly those of the younger generation who find their customs to be too confining, live in city of Askagard. A very small tribe of kestrels seems to have originated in Katayvan, the southeastern continent of the world where the kingdom of Troj is located. These kestrels differ greatly from the ones that trace their history thousands of years back into the Askakedja Mountains.

? The dwarves were instrumental in building Askagard though they were driven out during the
?Purging Wars. They repopulated the city during its
?rediscovery due to the struggles of a strong team of dwarves known only as the Divine Miners. ? Several milennia ago: 101 Years War. A genocidal campaign centered on Chemer.

The following events are more or less dated.
The distinctions "BU" and "AR" denote "Before Unification" and "After Reunification" or "After Rand", respectively.

5,000 BU
Age of Threshold: Very little is known of the Threshold era in Primordiax, much like we have very little left of ancient civilizations in our world. Then add a gigantic, cataclysmic event or twelve.

4,500 BU
Final Battle

4,300 BU
Triskele destroyed – the elves flee. Gnomes completely disappear.

4000 years ago
Historical accounts on the origins of lekleks contradict more than any other race on Primordiax. All accounts, however, agree that lekleks did not exist more than four thousand years ago or before the Sundering.

?The leklek population flourished, but it truly boomed when the first leklek sailor, Jitamo Redhat, took his family on his Voyage to the Edge of the World. Instead of reaching the world's end, Jitamo discovered the northern continent and established trade with a mining village there.

  • The Sundering:

This cataclysm destroyed cities, reshaped continents, and formed new land masses. During the time of the Sundering, the elves, along with many other races and cultures, suffered greatly as the world ripped itself apart under the hands of the lost gods. During the Sundering, dryads completely lost their ability to commune with the forests that were once their home. Some clung to their old ways and remained in the forest, eking what they could out of their surroundings. Many others gravitated towards the cities and towns for protection and survival. Split between lost dryadic powers and Nemian Colony. For 1500 years, humanoids had to recover from the massive aftershocks of the Sundering.

Over 1000 years ago, but after the Sundering
Throughout the period after the Sundering, many dryads have played prominent roles in shaping the world as it is today. The famous Cactus Gardens of Chemer were established by a dryad married to an old Chemerite warlord who ruled the city briefly.

2100 years ago
Grul Terro ruled a chaotic Chemer nearly a century before Grrt and was responsible for the slaughter of over 5,000 catfolk during his reign. Before he was assassinated, catfolk, from elders to infants, were systematically slaughtered as scapegoats for bad business, crimes, and any imaginable fault.

2000 years ago
Catfolks became a hunted race near the lands of Chemer. With lupkyn and humans dominating the lawless city and catfolks in the minority, they became easy targets for thieves, thugs, and then general persecution. In addition, a catfolk prophet by the name of Kelai Proudfoot spoke against the growing corruption in the clans that ruled Chemer. Most of his supporters were also catfolk, so the clans simply spread propaganda against the entire race. In one year, nearly 3,000 catfolk were slaughtered by the town's "guards". The reign of terror did not end until Tertz Grrt came into power. ?The lupkyn race spawned two of the most renowned leaders in the world. Tertz Grrt brought Chemer out of ruins and built the city's foundation, allowing it to grow into the social mecca it is today. ?The Salvation of Chemer, Terzt Grrt, the lukoi who ?united Chemer and brought it into prominence.

1000 years ago
The lekleks built one of the greatest masterpieces of the realm, the statue of Phinaou Boss, possibly the greatest leklek tinker to ever live. The great quake of SOMEYEAR reduced the grand statue to rubble. Lekleks continued to build and innovate until, finally, they built the great temple-city of Troj in the middle of a tropical jungle. Lekleks built the black stone city of Troj in a span of ten years.

Last known sighting of an ancient castle of a trulloc king of old standing at the base of the tallest peak deep within the Askakedja Range. Some say that only trulloc eyes can distinguish the entrance from the mountain's face.

Askagard is built of white stone, and settled between twin waterfalls by dwarves, mixing humans, trullocs and dwarves within its walls.

800 years ago
Humans ascend to power in Askagard, ousting the trullocs and dwarves to the surrounding mountain ranges.

400 years ago
Human power wanes in Askagard. Tenuous return of dwarves and trullocs to the city.

Year 0
This delineates the BU (Before Unification) and AR (After Rand) distinctions of historical reckoning.
King Rand the Unifier ascends to the throne.
King Rand supposedly had a healer in his service who was a dryad. Many claim that she was also his lover and that she saved his life more than once. As a final act of love, she reportedly drained a virulent poison from King Rand and took it into her own body, sacrificing herself so that he could live. Her name has never been written in the annals of history, but King Rand often visited a grave under an old willow tree. He always brought an armful of lilies to the site.
His coat of arms sports two lilies clasped in the claws of a griffin.

Year 22?
Void Taint incident where nearly two thirds of Askagard was wiped out from contaminated ore. All three of the major cities now require that any raw materials sold in their markets be put through a decontamination process first.

Year 203 Taint of 203?

Year 225
Catfolks believe that they are entering the Golden Age of their race.

Year 231
Troj and Chemer are evacuated due to void taint and all refugees flee to Askagard in Mitralon. Void taint now seen to take sentient form as Void Destroyers and Void Minions.

Year 232
After many fall in the defense of the temples from a deadly attack, the populace of Askagard prove their valour and sacrifice in the name of the gods. As thanks the temples open their once hidden, secret requilaries to worshipers. Citizens are now allowed to openly wear the symbols of the gods, and to devote themselves to their service. The city of Askagard also makes it possible for traders to officially sell their wares on the street and in market square using carts, whereas for many years trade has only been able to take place face to face.

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