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King Rand, the Unifier:


  • 43 BU King Rand is born in Askagard to King Brummir and Queen Reganta.
  • 30 BU King Brummir and Queen Reganta succumb to lung infections after a disastrous boat ride dumps the two of them into water.
  • 30 BU Age of Ascension

King Rand is crowned at the age of 13 and surrounds himself with his parents' advisors. Rand’s Uncle, Baron Mariqualio, holds the reins of power in Rand’s stead until Rand’s coming of age (17).

  • 28 BU Askagard is attacked held under siege by bandits from caves surrounding the city.
  • 26 BU Coronation of King Rand Bromin.
  • 24 BU The four year seige is broken after a band of trullocs come from seemingly no where to aid Askagard. Rumor has it that the trullocs within the city had sent messages through the stone itself.
  • 23 BU Rand adds the leader of the trulloc freedom band to his list of advisors.
  • 22 BU Rand begins to travel extensively when his scholars tell him of fabled cities named Troj and Chemer.
  • 21 BU Rand begins negotiations with the city of Chemer and opens up trade routes.
  • 19 BU Rand begins negotiations with the city of Troj and opens up trade routes.
  • 17 BU Through King Rand's efforts, the kingdoms of Troj and Chemer open up trade route with each other and talks begin of having Rand be the ruler of all three kingdoms. Dubbed henceforth King Rand the Unifier.
  • 10 BU For three years, the two kingdoms are in chaos as a number of families try to take over the ruling stations of Troj and Chemer. Finally, King Rand enters with military might in an attempt to save the citizens of the three major kingdoms. Death tolls are extremely high.
  • 8 BU King Rand is reportedly poisoned by unknown assassins. He mysteriously recovers though eye-witnesses say he was on the brink of death.
  • 7 BU Discussions occur, and King Rand creates an advisory position in Chemer and Troj to temporarily hold the reigns of power. The Chemerite Advisor is a Blessed catfolk by the name of Leara Softpaws, from one of the oldest catfolk families known in Chemer. The Trojan Advisor consists of a duo, a leklek by the name of Logain Tinktok and a trulloc by the name of Rokgar Stonefist. Logain is the only Unblessed, and they all have been part of King Rand's personal advisory since the beginning of his reign.
  • 5 BU Councils are set up and the cities attempt to rebuild. Rand starts pulling out his troops.
  • 0 The Unification

King Rand signs the Treaty of Years and creates the Triad as the first unified minted coin.

  • 15 AR King Rand steps down as King of Askagard and names Duchess Aelina Melodi as the High Advisor of Askagard.
  • 15 AR - 51 AR Rand, the Unifier, continues to travel extensively between the three kingdoms in order to ensure cooperation.
  • 201 AR King Rand dies during the Void Taint. The world is plunged into mourning, and he is buried underneath a willow tree he often visited in life. The exact location of his grave has been lost.

Berserking did not exist as a profession until King Rand the Unifier organized the first group of remarkable individuals who could fly into whirlwinds of destructive fury. King Rand's childhood friend (?) suffered from the “curse of blood”, and together, they worked to change what was once a curse into a blessing.

King Rand supposedly had a healer in his service who was a dryad. Many claim that she was also his lover and that she saved his life more than once. As a final act of love, she reportedly drained a virulent poison from King Rand and took it into her own body, sacrificing herself so that he could live. Her name has never been written in the annals of history, but King Rand often visited a grave under an old willow tree. He always brought an armful of lilies to the site.
At some point, rand married Queen Lexi, whom he lavished with expensive gifts.
His coat of arms sports two lilies clasped in the claws of a griffin.

1. measurement of weight = (approximately 2 pounds) 10 diams
2. The weight of King Rand the Unifier's crown.
1. measurement of weight = 1/10th of a crown
2. The weight of Queen Lexi's (wife of King Rand) engagement ring.
1. measurement of area = 17,4555,556 square rands
2. traditional noble land grant was one grand
1. measurement of length = 5,000 rands or 50,000 thums (4,166.6 feet)
2. traditional noble land grant was a 1x1 square of this unit.
1. measurement of length = 10 thums
2. Length of King Rand's Rod of Command.
3. Slang for the male appendage
1. measurement of length = 1/10th of a rand (approximately 1 inch).
2. The length of King Rand's knuckle to his thumb. Useful for small measurements.
1. measurement of time = 1 hour.
2. The length of time it took the King's Herald to relay a message to the captains at each city gate in the capital city of King Rand.


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