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What races can be what classes, and which races are the best at each?

Any race may become any class, Crafter, Adventurer or Support. At the time of writing (4th November 2010) there are few benefits and detriments to each race, they can be found here along with the history and backgrounds for them.

Mainly choose a race that you like the feel and look of and have fun with it!

Do I have to choose a class or profession straight away and can I change my mind later?

When you start playing with your chosen race and blank slate character, you will be put into a small tutorial area away from anywhere in particular. This should last approximately 15 minutes (or one toll), after which you will move into your chosen city of origin.

It is strongly recommended that you choose a class and profession at this point. It is possible to play around a little, and there are no time constraints on doing so. However it is nigh-on impossible to advance your character's level and skills until you pick a class (as they determine how you gain xp, through combat, crafting or other methods).

Once you have chosen your character's profession and class, they are set in stone and unchangeable. So feel free to take your time, read through all the information that is available and bumble around your main city RPing with anyone you please. Use this as an opportunity to have a look at people who have already chosen their profession's also and get an idea of how they will play.

How do I choose a profession or class?

In order to select your class and profession, find any guild hall within the city. They are clearly marked with different colour text and found off the main walkways. If in doubt ask for directions in advice to a guild, or the Inn where you can RP with a player for information or get a guided tour if you are lucky!

The adventurer's guild should be one room from where the general taskmaster is in your city, you may choose any class or profession from inside any guild hall, however afterwards you will only be able to use the guild hall that is specific to your class.

Once you go there, take a look at the sign. It will give you specific instructions on how to choose a class and profession.

To choose a class, simply type "class <class name>" To choose a profession, simply type "profession <profession name>"

How do I train skills or practice hobbies?

Typing "help skills" in the client will list several commands which allow you to see how highly trained your skills are, what skills are available to you and how many points you have to train.

To train a skill, you must be standing in the right room inside your guild - the room where the NPC guild master is standing. Then "train <skill name>". Hobbies are learned in the same way, however you must "practice <hobby name>".

Skills require skill points to train, while hobbies require hobby points to practice. There is more information in the "help training" file on the client.

How do I see how much money I have?

Use the "wealth" command. There is a help file associated with this command found in-game. For more information also read the help currency command. Or follow the link here to currency.

Where can I get some bags/containers?

A small selection of bags can be purchased from the medallion shop (Command :medallions shop). Most of them are quite specific to what they can hold. However there are also some lock boxes that have been found by some players and if you convince them, may be bartered for.

Other than these there are no other forms of storage. A system like the currency bank, only for items, may be added in the future.

How do I sort out my inventory?

Important point: All items in your inventory can be short hand referenced by the number they are in your inventory. For example, if you type inventory (or i for short) and it looks like this:


Items Carried: 7


mangled leather {38}

giant bat's tail stub (1)

torn leather {63}

beady giant bat eyeball (1)

chitinous monstropede leg (3)

canvas cloth {84}

mangled leather {7}


The mangled leather is item 1, the giant bat's tail stub is item 2, the torn leather is item 3 and so on.

Further filtering ways can be inventoried by typing "inventory <parameter>". For example "inventory leather", this in the above case would come out as:


Leather Carried: 7


mangled leather {38}

torn leather {63}

mangled leather {7}


This makes it easier if you are attempting to quickly count one type of resource or item. Also the same numbering system applies as above. The top stack of leather is leather 1, the torn leather is leather 2 and the bottom stack is leather 3.

To combine identical items you need to "stack" them on one another. Using the above example of mangled leather you would need to type "stack leather 1 on leather 3".

To split them up, you need to specify and amount to remove from a stack. If you wished to to remove 10 from the top stack, you simply need to "split 10 leather". If you wish to remove 10 from the torn leather stack you must type "split 10 leather 2". The newly split items will appear at the top of your inventory.

There is also an additional "trade" inventory. If you are not a crafter, it is a good free storage of cleansed raw resources. If you are a crafter then some resources will need to be put here to be worked with. You may access it by typing "i trade". Placing things in and removing things from it works just like using a bag, with "put <item> in trade" or "get <item> from trade".

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