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Each city in Primordiax has it's own native coin. This is the currency that you will be rewarded with in tasks and will generally be in use by the populace of the area. Banks will exchange currency to or from Triad, the universal coin of the land. To change one currency to another, for example Danar into Drocta, you must first convert your Danar into triad in the local treasury by depositing it, then converting to triad, and then into Drocta, before withdrawing your desired coin. Generally this is not required as most players will accept any form of coin.

Currency:Danar Kingdom: Askagard

The Danar is a gold, octagonal shaped coin whose slightly raised border is decorated like the edge of a royal crown. The obverse of the coin bears a falcon with it's wings stretched and talons extended.

Currency:Drocta Kingdom:Chemer

The Drocta is a heavy, round, silver coin adorned on it's obverse face with a large desert scarab. The carapace of the scarab is plated to faintly refract light in a rainbow of hues. The coin has a thick but smooth edge.

Currency: Sathu Kingdom: Troj

The Sathu is a round, gold coin with a reeded edge. It's obverse face is decorated with an enormous stone temple rising out of the jungle.

Currency: Triad Kingdom: Universal

The Triad is a round, reeded edge, platinum coin with a three faced pyramid engraved on it's obverse face. Each face of the pyramid represents one of the three Kingdoms of the Alliance. The base of the pyramid represents the Aether, whose worship is shared by all.

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