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Trojan Emperor Moth
Habitat:Katavyan temperate regions.
Description:Up to seven thums in length, this specie is truly the king of moths. Its dark-colored wings display a variety of shades, including violet, black, green, dark blues and gray. Its wing lobes angle forward, suspended from a thick fuzzy segmented body. Its antennae are feathery and roughly as long as a third of the wingspan. It makes an audible whirring as it flies, as its wings beat rapidly to remain aloft.
Notes:The Trojan Emperor Moth was named for the seal of King Rand the Unifier's documents to the Katavyan allies during the Unification. Although this was truly the seal of his ambassador, it has ever since symbolized Rand's influence on Troj.

This is adult form of the Randshand Caterpillar.

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