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Be Respectful

The art found on this site has either been paid for by Frogdice, Inc., the owners of Primordiax and Wikimalia or donated to this site by the original copyright holders of this art. Please do not use any of the art on this Wiki without our permission. The artists who have worked hard on these pieces do not deserve to be a victim of theft. If you would like to use one of our pieces for a Primordiax fan page or a character wiki, please contact Hikili, our Lead Artist for details and information on how to proceed.

The Artists

Primordiax has sponsored artists from whom we purchase our art. We encourage players to go to these artists in order to purchase art pertaining to the game. These particular artists have done much work for Primordiax, and they are confident in drawing our races. These are also the only artists whose art will be uploaded into the Primordiax client and webpage. We have ensured that these artists also work at an affordable rate, and they will tailor their work to suit you.

Purchasing Art

At this time, we are Live, and our artists are busy working on art for the game. You will be able to commission their artwork for the listed prices. Please check the game forums or the game itself in order to put in your art order.

Looking for Work?

We are not looking to hire artists yet, but if you have interest in drawing for Primordiax or joining our art team, please contact Hikili, the Lead Artist for Primordiax.

We appreciate your cooperation in these matters.

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