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Wikimalia is a famous salamae scholar with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and an indefatigable lust for adventure. She is small in stature and her appearance is generally disheveled and a bit unkempt. She has little time to worry about appearances or fashion. Those lucky enough to meet her often find her a bit distracted or restless, but those who know her better understand this is just the impatience of an explorer anxious to get onto the next adventure. But perhaps it is her older sister that can describe her best, "Wikimalia is brilliant, tenacious, and adorable... but she's also a little bit naughty." There is no jungle too dense, no mountain too tall, no society too secret, and no challenge too great when Wikimalia's curiosity is piqued. She wants to know everything about everything, and she has dedicated her life to accomplishing that goal.

At first, other scholars thought she was nothing but a crazed fanatic. But even they could not argue with her results. In time, the same scholars who doubted her became her most loyal disciples, and they built colleges and libraries to hold and organize her findings. This was the beginning of the Wikimalian Society, which thrives and grows at a rapid pace. It supports her mission to gather all there is to know about the world of Primordiax and the people and creatures within it. The Wikimalian Society welcomes contributions from fellow scholars and explorers, whose efforts reflect the spirit and wonder of the society's namesake.

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