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General Help File

Usage: say

       say <message>
       say in <language> <message>
       say to <someone> <message>
       say to <someone> in <language> <message>
       NOTE:   In all cases, you would not type the < > characters.

Description: This command allows you to communicate with PCs and NPCs that are in your current location.

You can speak to the entire room or you can direct your words specifically to an individual (though the whole room still hears it- if you want to speak privately, read help tell and help whisper).

You can also speak in a language other than common if you know any.

The say command has been globally aliased to the ' character. It has also been set up such that you do not have to type a space after the ' to speak.


         say Hello everyone.
         'Hello everyone.

Link: last, whisper, tell, communication, chat, advice, guild

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