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Communication exists in many forms across Primordiax. The game is designed to be a social one, and we promote character interaction above all else.

  • The say command serves as the primary means of communication between characters. This will output whatever your character wishes to say to the room which your character currently exists.
  • There is a tell command to privately communicate with a person that you fully know, over long distances, this channel can be emoted over.
  • Global channels may be purchased or earned by guilds and clans. An OOC channel called chat is available to all players. An IC channel called guild is automatically tuned into once you have chosen one to be a part of, this channel may only be emoted over if your guild has upgraded it (currently as of December 1st 2010 this is not possible). Please make sure that you read the general rules of conduct before heavily participating.
  • There is also an advice channel that is OOC and available to all. If you have any questions about the game or are stuck or confused, here is the best place to ask.
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