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Salvaging is a crafter only ability.

The action "salvage" can only be used on the final armor product created when crafting. It can be used on any piece of finished armor, created by yourself, or by another crafter. Therefore, when upgrading a customer's gear, say from Mangled Leather to Torn, if offered the old piece, it should be accepted or perhaps bought for a price worth the raw materials.

When you salvage the item, you are asked a knowledge question on resources associated with the item.

If you are correct, you recieve half of the raw resource required to produce the item. Be this Ore,Ingots,Leathers or a mixture of.

If you get the answer wrong, you will get a smaller percentage return.

  • For example

Bronze Boots are made from 2 chainlinks,

a Chainlink contains 3 bronze ingots.

So when asked "How much Bronze is in this Bronze Chainmail Boots?"

The answer is Six.

Occasionally you may get a critical success which will give slighty more resources back, but at lower levels this is negligible.

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