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Ore Resource
Region:N/A, Crafted compound from Copper and Tin.
Uses:Used for crafting Tier two armor, weapons and components.
Notes:Bronze is not a mined ore in its own right. It is a mixture of copper and tin. A skilled metal worker is able to take the two base elements and meld them together to create an alloy far stronger than it's two components.

The Bronze Market

Bronze cannot be sold on the market, however other crafters will generally buy or trade for finished ingots as well as their component ores. Components can also be [salvaged] from weapons and armor.

Bronze is unique for several reasons. Firstly it is one (maybe the only one) of the resources that has to be smelted from other ores before it can be used for crafting. Secondly, and more importantly, when broken down through salvage resists picking up the taint again.

The following people are known Bronze consumers:

  • Belatrice the Armoursmith
  • Kaliva the Weapons Crafter
  • Kavarna the Leatherworker
  • Torob the Armoursmith

Known Recipes

The following recipes are known to use Bronze :

  • Bronze askakedjan axe
  • Bronze battle axe
  • Bronze battle hammer
  • Bronze claymore
  • Bronze crescent axe
  • Bronze cutlass
  • Bronze dagger
  • Bronze doloire
  • Bronze falcata
  • Bronze falchion
  • Bronze flamberge
  • Bronze flanged mace
  • Bronze gladius
  • Bronze greatsword
  • Bronze hand axe
  • Bronze kanabo
  • Bronze katana
  • Bronze khopesh
  • Bronze kris sword
  • Bronze labrys
  • Bronze lochihn axe
  • Bronze longsword
  • Bronze mammen axe
  • Bronze maul
  • Bronze mortuary sword
  • Bronze pilum
  • Bronze poniard
  • Bronze sai
  • Bronze sap
  • Bronze schianova
  • Bronze scimitar
  • Bronze screaming axe
  • Bronze skeggox
  • Bronze spiked axe
  • Bronze stiletto
  • Bronze trojan hammer
  • Bronze war axe
  • Bronze war hammer
  • Bronze war spear
  • Bronze yari

World Firsts

First to craft with : Belatrice, in the year 232

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