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World Events

Cuspis 231 (9th July 2010) - Troj and Chemer evacuated during void attack

Still struggling to claw its way back to the civilised life of the past, the three major cities of the world were afflicted yet again with a massive encroachment of void taint. This time the void took form, massive void destroyers and void minions attacked all three cities simultaneously.

Only one city, Askagard, was able to halt the attack and save their city. Mitralon's finest quickly banded together and drove the void taint from within the city walls. By giving itself mass and form the void had made a terrible mistake as the brave heroes of Askagard were able to pour generations of pent up hatred and desire for revenge into a target they could hurt and kill.

This feat was not mirrored in the less civilised and sparsely populated cities of Troj and Chemer. Buildings crumbling and the very fabric of creation tore open in some locations. With dismay and horror, watching all they had fought for.. all they had achieved slip away, the governments declared that their cities had to be abandonded and quarantined. Sadly, like in all disasters of a cataclysmic nature, thousands perished. Most died horrifically as the taint destroyed their bodies before they could even run. Some perished heroically, fighting to save themselves and others from the deadly onslaught of the destroyers. Other nameless heroes with with astonishing bravery and self sacrifice died holding the line until a few could escape via the sea.

Invoking emergency provisions from The Treaty of Years, refugees from Chemer and Troj escaped to the City of Askagard and were welcomed with open arms. As the refugees poured in. The Rolling Stone Inn became a place where legends were formed. Tales of bravery, and noble sacrifice were related, and expanded into vast saga's growing with each telling. Tales to scare children in later years were given foundation as people recalled the city being torn apart by a merciless foe, no longer just a poison, now a sentient destructive force.

Legends began to spring up of the brave few who refused to escape to safer lands, and instead disappeared into the wilderness around their homes, vowing to win them back. Already rumours have sprung up that parts of the old cities have been reclaimed, that the void has weakened its grip.

Mitralon Events

Renasci 232 (4th Sept 2010) - Bandit attack on Askagard

In the early days of Renasci 232, a force of very well organized bandits invaded the city. The invading forces seemed to know exactly where to strike and managed to get hold of plans of the city. Loyal members of the support and Adventurers guild were able to pin down and eliminate the bandit forces. The crafters guild donated vast amount of arms and armor, depleting scant resources in the process. Some of the blacksmiths were even seen to give the armour off their very own back to make sure that everyone who was fighting was protected.

The bandits were chased and the plans were retrieved, and it was noted that the plans, not expected to be recovered, had been drawn on. All the temples of Asksagard were marked clearly.. but for what.

How the forces were so organized is as of yet unknown, however the Dark Visitor who has been seen lurking in the Rolling Stone Inn for the last few months went missing just before the attack. Coincidence?

Tempest 232 (10th Sept 2010) - The Rolling Stone gets a new Innkeeper

The Rolling Stone Inn finally has a new Innkeeper! Jingles is a friendly, enthusiastic leklek who lives in Askagard with her husband and her pet pug, Puggah. Though occasionally heard to complain about her husband not letting go of the purse strings and allowing her shop, she is still a cheerful and welcome face to the citizens of the bustling city. Eager gatherers especially may delight in her new position at the Rolling Stone, for her new duties enable her to provide them with numerous odd jobs.

Tempest 232 (11th Sept 2010) - Bandits attack Askagard yet again

On the 8th Day of Tempest 232, organized forces of bandits again attacked Askagard. Plans stolen (and recovered) during the last attack indicated that temples may be the target, and this was proved to be correct. However the forces of bandits were overwhelming and the cities adventurers and guards fought side by side to hold back the forces.

All the temples were sacked, however though bravery, sacrfice and sheer bloody determination the defending forces fought back and cleared the invaders, forcing them to flee. Miraculously, only one temple, the temple of Bellamane was damaged.

However this time the council of six were not going to take this continued insult. Through Munson, and one of the city Captains, the city forces were ordered to seek out the bandits who were fleeing the city, and by use of portable guillotines, remove their heads, mount them on pikes and distribute round the city as a warning.

As thanks for the bravery and healing of the adventurer and support classes, and the donation of food, arms and armor of the crafters, the temples opened the reliqueries, and the city unveiled a portable selling cart for crafters and gave permission for them to be used around the city.


  • Munson discusses the bandit attack (to come)
  • Urthor gets the destroyer and the creator of all things mixed up, but Belatrice is not concerned (Log)
  • The invasion begins (to come)
  • Sacking of the Temples (to come)
  • Captain of the Guard (to come)
  • Payback time (to come)

Ta'Raekhet Events

Katayvan Events

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