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Pleated Redworm
Habitat:Temperate forests and plains of Mitralon at the feet of the Askakedjan mountains.
Description:From above, the pleated redworm bears a canny resemblance to a large centipede, often discouraging predators. Up to three thums in length, it is covered in flexible spiny protrusions which undulate like false legs as the redworm travels. Larger specimens are quite fast, moving up to half the rate of a man striding purposefully, and their powerful forelegs permit moderate burrowing.
Notes:It feeds on fresh green leaves and forest detritus. When threatened, the head will curl tightly into a ball while the posterior is thrust upward to emulate a centipede's attack posture. Rapid flips of the flexible spines also allow the redworm to burrow as its charade is underway.

Neither a worm nor a centipede, the pleated redworm is a caterpillar, the larval form of the Askakedjan Moth.

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