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Askakedjan Moth
Habitat:Mitralon's Askakedjan Mountains.
Description:The frontal wing lobes of this moth are rounded and split into two lobes, while the rear wing lobe bears a resemblance to pincers. Psychadelic coloration in swirling patterns adorns the powdery wings, which extend from a thick and fuzzy brownish body. The head is tapered forward, ending in a pair of downy antennae. Approximately two to three thums in length and more than four in wingspan, it is one of the largest known moth species.
Notes:Nocturnal in habit, the Askakedjan Moth feeds on organic fibers, such as cotton, wool, hemp and canvas. Although dubbed a moth, its upward-sweeping wings raise some questions as to whether or not it is a butterfly.

This is the adult form of the Pleated Redworm.

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