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This human sub-culture originated in a small village south of Chemer known as Moiya. Moiya has long since ceased to exist as its own independent burg and was annexed by Chemer nearly a century ago. Most Moiyans still live in Chemer though their beliefs have spread to the other two major cities as well.


Age is possibly the most important concept to Moiyan culture. The elderly are respected simply because they have lived more years than most, though Elders are also expected to share their wisdom with the young who need guidance. Children are cherished as special, but elders and adults do not dote upon them. Most Moiyans have very small families of either one or two children.


Moiyans believe it to be incredibly rude to ask questions, and their entire culture is based on subtleties. Often, they will phrase their questions in the form of statements that can easily be ignored or sidestepped by the people with whom they are discussing matters. In addition, the Moiyans have firm rules on communicating in general. They do not believe that any conversation should be rushed and that politeness comes first always, especially in business dealings. Buying anything from a Moiyan can involve several hours of tea or coffee followed by a discussion of current events. Many topics are considered taboo unless they are between close friends. For example, a Moiyan will not discuss religion or politics with casual acquaintances.


The Moiyans are quite distinctive in their appearance. Most grow their hair nearly to their ankles, tend to be tall and slender, and wear loosely flowing robes. They often appear to be androgynous to those who do not know the people well. The Moiyans strive to emulate the long gone terik-moi (elves). Unfortunately, most of their beliefs are pure conjecture since very little remains of that ancient race.


Though the culture appears beautiful, serene, and extremely progressive, the Moiyans are so steeped in the past that innovations are rare. They spend most of their time looking for hints and clues to the behaviors of the lost elven race. Thus, very few progressive thoughts come from this culture. Tradition and politeness dominates everything they do. Some Moiyan scholars, however, claim that recovering lost knowledge is much like discovering something new.


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