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General Help File

mine (ore type)
mine build with (type of wood, which must be plotted and chopped beforehand)
mine dismantle

Description: This command is used to build and dismantle mines and mine for ore. Mining skill determines the highest tier of wood you can build with, the highest tier of ore you can mine, and how much ore is is destroyed or "wasted" in the time it takes you to mine 1 uu of ore. You cannot mine for ore of a higher tier than the wood of the mine. You can dismantle any tier of mine.

      Tier    Wood           Ore           Minimum Mining Skill
      1      ragwood        copper                 1           
      2      mailek wood    tin                   10           
      3      corkwood       iron                  20           
      4      bamboo         ferron                30           
      5      cedar wood     titanium              40           
      6      teak wood      tungsten              50           
      7      ironwood       mithril               60           
      8      everwood       borgium               70           
      9      ebonwood       aetherium             80           
     10      diaxwood       primordium            90           

Link: prospect, spot, search, dowse, chop

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