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General Help File

chop (type of wood)

Description: This command is used by characters with the woodcutting skill to chop wood. The specific type of wood to be chopped must be supplied. Your woodcutting skill determines what types of wood you are able to chop into useable logs, and it also determines how fast you chop and how much wood is wasted in the chopping process. Waste is defined as additional wood consumed in the vicinity in order for you to obtain 1 unit of usable wood.

In order to see if there is any choppable wood in your environment, you should first use the spot command.

It is important to be aware that druids and other beings attuned to nature are able to divine who has been depleting the resources of a forest. It is wise to keep this in mind when deciding how much wood you wish to take from a single location.

Link: spot

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