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General Help File

Usage: loot

       loot <corpse>

Description: This command is used to grab your hard won loot from the corpse of a fallen and defeated foe. For a short time after a foe is slain, only the killer (and members of the killer's group if any) can loot the corpse.

In a group, the leader determines the loot rules are for the party. You can see the loot settings of your group by typing "group". The loot settings are:

    master - All loot goes to the "Loot Master" no matter who actually
             uses the loot command. The leader can set the loot master to
             anyone in the party. By default it will be the group leader.
    split  - Loot will be randomly distributed to the party members. Note
             that it is totally random. It does not try to be equitable.
    open   - Open loot means whoever uses the loot command gets the loot.

Link: group

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