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General Help File

Usage: group

       group                 - Check your group status.
       group <message>       - Speak to the members of your group.
       group leave           - Leave your group.
       group follow <on/off> - Turn group following on or off.
       group settings        - Change your group settings.
       (L)     group form <name>     - Form a group with an optional <name>
       (L)     group name <name>     - Change the group name. Use remove to remove.
       (L)     group invite <player> - Invite someone to join your group.
       (L)     group boot <player>   - Boot someone from your group.
       (L)     group leader <member> - Change the group leader.
       (L)     group disband         - Disband your group.

Description: This is the command interface for group management. The commands marked (L) are leader only commands.

Link: Group settings

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