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Hihn Carpenter Ant
Habitat:Temperate deciduous forest regions, Katavyan and Ta'raekhet.
Description:The deep red thum-long carapace of this industrious insect is speckled with sawdust, pollen and other bits of detritus. Large mandibles, perhaps an eighth of a thum in spread, protrude from its broad menacing face. The overall build of the body structure is rather wide and flat, streamlined for movement within the narrow crevices of its hive. Miniature hooks adorn the ends of its legs and almost every joint, a testament to its climbing prowess and combat formidability. Silvery eyes, motionless and cold, seem to stare nowhere and in all directions at once.
Notes:This specie is a popular pollinator of many garden variety flowers.

The hihn carpenter ant, according to some trulloc legends, was the first inspiration for the architectural form of complex geometric and higher mathematical principles known as the hihn method. The ants make extraordinarily varied use of their mandibles in combat, construction, handling offspring and in some cases, even locomotion. In their constructive activities, their economy of traffic movement, labor organization, resource conservation and goal accomplishment offer lessons still taught today in basic hihn studies.

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