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Faeyora, Goddess of Renewal

Taken from a carving on the Great Tree:

Faeyora, wondrous Mother whom we revere, bless us with the bounty and life held in your arms, shower us with your purifying gifts.

In death and in life, your kindess falls upon your children, so cradle us where ever you may find us.

You are the food at our table, the wood that warms our stoves, the life that peers from our newborn eyes. Bless us, Mother, for we live in your shadow.


  • The Great Tree
  • Harvest Tools

Faeyora's most popular symbol amongst her followers is a beautiful tree depicted in green on a circular field of white. The trunk of the tree stands tall and straight, while the branches spread evenly outward and slightly downward like a parasol. It is general worn prominently in the center of tabards, cloaks, or tunics.

A bronze sickle crossed over a hoe serves as another symbol of Faeyora. For many she is the goddess of Nature first and foremost, for farmers, she serves primarily as the Goddess of Renewal. Together with Rexelios, she provides for the harvests that feed the population.

Her dual roles in society often creates controversy with factions rabidly defending their beliefs.


  • Green and White. Occassionally gold.


  • Thawing 21 - The Sowing

Thawing 21 - The Sowing - This day marks the beginning of planting season for most farmers. On this day, farmers seek out clerics of Faeyora to bless their crops and seeds before they are planted. This holiday is shared with in part with followers of Stratos. Members of both faiths hold joint services with balance as a central theme.


Followers of Faeyora believe in the preservation of Nature and the careful balance of the elements within the world. They carefully scrutinize their own effects on the world of Primordiax as well as the effects that others have. While followers of Faeyora are not necessarily adverse to progress and construction, they believe in performing any great changes to the world with care and precision.

The most devout sects dedicated to Faeyora's nature side spend at least seventy-five percent of their time in the wilderness where they feel she communicates best with them. They find her words and teachings in the curl of each leaf and the fall of each acorn.

The darker side of the worshippers of Faeyora often appear with death cults. These groups revere death and believe that a better world awaits them in Faeyora's arms after they die. They advocate suicide though are adamantly opposed to murder.

Most of the teachings of clerics and druids dedicated to Faeyora stem from carvings found on the Great Tree, a mythical plant said to tower nearly five hundred rands into the sky. No one in the living world has actually seen the tree, but the followers of Faeyora insist that is alive and well in one of the mysterious forests of the world.

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