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Rexelios, God of Trials

From the Red Book of War:

Mortals at War are nearly Gods themselves. With every swing of the sword they both create and destroy. The Conqueror destroys his enemy while he creates a larger suzerainty for himself. It was through warfare that mortals brought the planet of Primordiax to the brink of destruction. Yes, even the ancient gods were lain low by mortal war. Such power!

An old proverb teaches that necessity is the mother of invention. What force creates more necessity than War? Mortals are at their best when they are faced with annihilation. This truth is the same for Gods as it is for mortals.

From the Golden Book of Storms:

Life is a wondrous thing - a miracle for which we raise our prayers in effluent gratitude to the mighty and benevolent Aryoch. Life is a furious process: ever churning, ever growing, spreading out in all directions unless something stands in its way. This too is a wondrous thing, as this constant drive to expand, grow, reproduce, and evolve is what keeps this world vibrant and fascinating.

As the process of life plods forward, there is waste. There is death. What then clears away this chaff so new life can flourish? Storms. Storms churn and cleanse the seas. Lightning crashes into the ground and burns away debris from the forests and fields. Storms, with all their mighty power, strike fear in the hearts of the weak. Those who are ignorant of the Storm's true purpose cower in the face of the Storm's might - not knowing that every drop of rain, fork of lightning, tongue of fire cleanses away the refuse... leaving behind a world ripe for life to take hold.


Flaming Sword - The sword is one of the most powerful and evocative symbols of warfare. The flame is a symbol of invention, as the discovery of fire is often considered the most obvious example of humanoids separating themselves from beasts. The most common depiction of this symbol is a bright steel sword alight with red flame above a black anvil.


Black and Red are the predominant colors used by followers of Rexelios.


Dawn 1

New Year - The first day of the year is holy to Rexelians as the New Year symbolizes a fresh opportunity to better oneself. Traditionally, Rexelians choose something they want to improve about themselves and take a New Years Pledge to that effect.

This holiday is also important to inventors and engineers, as a brand New Year represents a full slate of opportunities to discover new ways to do things. The beginning of a New Year symbolizes hope for a better life through mortal achievement.

Torrid 1

The Day of Storms. For centuries, this day of the year has been a time of powerful storms and exceptionally hot temperatures. Thunderstorms come out of nowhere, ocean squalls swamp even the stoutest of ships, and the air becomes so hot it is nearly impossible to venture out of doors or out of the shade. It is believed that this day is an annual trial Rexelios visits upon all mortalkind. It is a simple challenge: survive.

Followers of Rexelios are known to celebrate this day by facing the heat and the storms head on. Sailors sail out the night before in small, barely seaworthy ships, challenging themselves to ride out the storms on the following day. Others host grueling events of physical challenge where the faithful can prove their worth by taking on the worst Rexelios throws at them.

There is a legend of an old festival held in Chemer that began at sunrise and included a particularly brutal foot race. Participants began at the Sunset Gate of Chemer and ran west toward the desert. They ran non-stop until sundown. Whoever made it the furthest from Chemer was hailed as a hero, and a small monument would be erected on the spot they reached. As the years went on and the distance to the furthest monument increased, more and more participants perished. The legend says the event was abolished due to the extreme loss of life. This happened during a time of war when Chemer could no longer afford to lose so many strong and battle ready men and women. Some Rexelians believe the event should be restarted, with versions in Askagard and Troj as well.

Sojourn 21

The Harvest. This holiday falls in the middle of the season when farmers harvest their crops. It is a single day that represents the time when many months of work and hope bear fruit. In the days leading up to this holiday, farmers make sacrifices to Rexelios in hopes of ensuring a bountiful harvest. On the evening of the Harvest, farmers celebrate the end of their season in a shared festival with followers of Rexelios and Stratos.


The core message in Rexelian religious texts is the belief that nothing worthwhile is accomplished without challenge and sacrifice. Civilizations cannot be built without War. The old must be cleared away to make room for the new. Lightning that starts forest and brush fires may cause enormous damage, but it also clears choking debris that prevents hardy growth. New inventions displace those who were benefiting from the status quo. Adventurers must endure tremendous pain and suffering to become Heroes. To achieve anything great, you must be willing to suffer in equal measure.

Rexelians look for opportunities to challenge themselves in their never ending pursuit of self actualization. They do not look for shortcuts. They do not shy away from difficulty or risk. A common Rexelian proverb: "Those who say it cannot be done should get out of the way of those already doing it."

One of the more significant philosophical questions within the faith is to what degree the ends justify the means when pursuing technology, invention, and innovation. Many believe that if the end is important enough, and means necessary to reach that end is acceptable. After all, Rexelios preaches that nothing great comes without sacrifice. Others believe the very act of putting morality or ethics above personal gain is itself an integral part of true sacrifice.


The Crimson Scythe

This underground cult of Rexelios worshippers is quite extreme in their interpretation of the Rexelian faith. It is their belief that mortal weakness and complacency is what made it possible for H'coyra's void taint to infect the world of Primordiax. Their primary goal is to crush anything they perceive as a weakness amongst humanoid civilizations. They have been known to support and foment rebellions against weak leaders and have on numerous occasions massacred participants in peace demonstrations. One of the more controversial stances of the Crimson Scythe is a belief in a philosophy called Dynatogenisi. This philosophy extols the virtues of selective breeding for purposes of strengthening the humanoid races.

While this cult is feared for its brutality, it has been able to forestall being totally hated for one very important reason: the Crimson Scythe fights the encroachment of the Void with a tenacity unmatched by any organization - religious or otherwise. For this reason, their existence is tacitly tolerated by the three kingdoms of Primordiax.

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