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General Help File

Usage: help creation

Description: In the time before time, there was Nothing, and Nothing existed as it was for countless Eons.

As centuries passed, Nothing became restless and bored, and thus, it willed itself into being and called itself Aryoch. In calling itself into being, however, it also created its counterpart, H'Coyra (koi-rah'). Aryoch was a creature of creation and curiosity, for he created himself with hope and happiness. H'Coyra was a creature of destruction, hate and despair, forced into existence that is nothing but pain for him.

Aryoch reveled in his new state of being. He began creating stars and planets to decorate his former self. He also pulled from himself, and thus, H'Coyra, to create worlds with beings to watch and explore. With each creation, Aryoch turned more of Nothing into Something, adding to H'Coyra's pain and suffering.

Along the way, Aryoch created what he considered his supreme project, what we now know as Primordiax. He filled this world with diverse and complex lifeforms with potential to create for themselves. This new world quickly became the bane of H'Coyra's existence, for it increased his pain and madness by leaps and bounds.

H'Coyra seeks to end his existence, and the only way that he can do that is to destroy himself and Aryoch in order to return the universe to its state of perfect balance. He is the master of deception and artifice, calling to millions to further his goals. He offers all those who would help him a thousand years of prosperity and power for their families before he returns the universe to its null state.

This is the most commonly accepted creation story, but you may find many, many others in the world of Primordiax.

Link: Aryoch H'Coyra

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