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The Apocryphos

"Chapter I
Before all, was nothing. After all, nothing will be again, until all is again restored. Thus is Aryoch and H'Coyra, the All, the Nothing. As day and night are they, Creator and Unmaker. As sunset and sunrise divide day and night, night and day, so also are the Creation and Annihilation.
Think you not, mortals, that you create as you rearrange Creation in your images, nor that you build. Likewise think you not that the power of Destruction is yours. All remains All, despite form, and not one thing that exists was not there in All. Nothing remains Nothing, with nothing to be destroyed, the perfect absence of All.
Aryoch'coyra. H'Coyraryoch. Thus are the names of God, and God is One, and God is Dual. Mortals, in their penchant to divide, will worship one, or the other. It is folly. A man born at sunrise will ever insist that dawn is the beginning, whilst his brother born at dusk will claim that night precedes the day. As flies upon a turning wheel are they.

Thus is the name and nature of God, were it uttered infinitely.
The swing of the pendulum, the turn of the wheel, the flow of the tides. In All has Aryoch written his name, and the moons were his signs. In wisdom did he set the smallest first, the largest last, and between them, the third, the fulcrum. Attuned to perfection do they mark the Cycle, Equilaterality to Linearity. The skies write his name.
In each triad cycle will the moons be equally far from each other thrice times thrice, the Equilateral, the Trilateral. In each cycle will they align four times, the Stratolinear, the Terralinear, and twice Equatrolinear. Verily even, he has set the sun to mark the sky.
What man but a fool could stand in his field, seeing sun and three moons, each appearing the same perfect size, and say "There is no God. There is no Design?" The confession of God is the beginning of wisdom.

Chapter II
For all that God is, All, Aryoch, God is also Nothing that is not, H'Coyra. He is Nothing, in its perfection. In Annihilation, there is not eternity, as there is no time to measure. His Void is as perfect as his All."

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