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Due to their nomadic nature, Beydirs have very few written records. Almost all of their history is passed down orally through their mudin, who also act as witch doctors and shamans. The mudin undergo extensive memory training, and they will often recite long historical narratives without deviation. The tribes do have a written language, but it is used only in tattoos and in their clothing.


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Wandering nomads, the Beydir travel the breadth and length of Ta'Raekhet's harsh desert landscape. Most of the Beydir travel in groups of 60 to 110 people, including small children. Their main beasts of burden are the stegadonks, gigantic lizards with flat plates that line their backs. The stegadonks have incredibly small heads and a large spiked tail that can be used in defense of the tribes. Stegodonk handlers, also known as duins, hold a special place in the tribes, for their expertise is what keeps the nomadic people moving. Entire structures are built on the back of these massive beasts, including dwellings and shops. Since the stegadonks sleep on their feet-- some even say that they sleep while walking-- structures that are built upon their backs are nearly always permanent. In the case of extreme danger or disaster, all "buildings" upon the backs of the stegadonks have been built to be collapsible within a few minutes.


Most of the people of these tribes have black or dark-brown hair, dark, almond-shaped eyes, and olive skin. Traditional tribal dress includes layered robes designed to protect the skin from sand, wind and sun and a head piece with a veil to protect the face from the elements. Male and female Beydir look almost completely identical in their customary dress, adding safety to their numbers. These people also place much emphasis on body art. Very few are unmarked once they reach adulthood, and most obtain facial tattoos that emphasize the eyes.


The Beydir are an insular and reclusive culture. Though some members leave their tribes in order to learn more about the world, most never feel quite comfortable in a modern city. They are known for their hardiness, practicality, and will to survive.


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