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Stratoraz Fraegonfly
Habitat:Inland lakes of temperate zones.
Description:Gangly and improbable wings and limbs adorn this graceless cousin of the dragonfly family. Garish yellow and orange, mainly, they are mottled and striped in bright primary colors. They can grow up to a thum in length, and their wingspan is half-again of that. Their central segment is bulbous, supporting a pair of oversized back-curving wings. Their legs are disproportionately large, especially the median pair, which when extended fully are longer than the insect and wider than its total wingspan. When perched, they appear as though they are on bent stilts, and sway to the slightest breeze. They lack mandibles, but their proboscis, like their legs, is disproportionately long, capable of probing the deep nectar of honeysuckle blossoms.
Notes:Aptly named after the Fraegon, also a hybrid, they seem an incongruous conglomeration of many insect species, a whim of Faeyora. Their flight is noisy, rattly and erratic. Perhaps their saving grace is that they are extremely unpleasant-tasting, and their bodily fluids are moderately caustic, creating lesions and blisters on the mouth when ingested. Spiders will bind them, but cut them from their webs uneaten.

They feed exclusively on honeysuckle nectar.

Great care must be taken in collection fraegonfly specimens, as they are moderately fragile, and prone to desiccation.

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