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The Bug Collection
Habitat:Any, preferring moist woody environs.
Description:Bright colors, varying from mottled orange-yellows to vibrant reddish-yellows, this ovoid insect advertises loudly that it has a defense mechanism. Generally a half-thum in length, the females are generally less brightly colored and slightly larger than the males.
Notes:Feeding mostly on forest detritus and civilization's waste areas, this unassuming insect is slow-moving and feeds rarely. Captive specimens have been known to survive for six months or more without eating or drinking, although such deprivations tend to make them more easily irritated.

When threatened or provoked, and most especially when crushed, they exude a pungent, gagging odor reminiscent of decayed flesh, rotten eggs, cat feces and unwashed trullocs. The aroma is so powerful that it can induce incapacitating vomiting and extreme eye irritation. Hapless or inexperienced animals which attempt to eat the stenchbug have developed mouth blisters, blindness and on occasion, death. With so many repellent qualities, it is small wonder that lekleks highly prize this insect's stench for novelty items, aerosol weapons and even medicinal cures.

Removal of the musk is said to be done with pokka fat or other poultry lards.

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