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The Bug Collection
Randshand Caterpillar
Habitat:Mitralon forests.
Description:A bright yellow head with small reddish eyes tops this multi-colored insect's body. Mainly green in color, the body is splotched with other hues ranging from hot pink to navy. Up to ten pairs of legs ambulate the four-thum creature, the back pair of legs apparently specialized for gripping thin branches and twigs as the insect forages.
Notes:Legend holds that as Rand the Unifier was celebrating the Unification of Mitralon and Katavyan under a single imperial banner, he hosted a fabulous costume ball. To signify this union, the King's costume was that of a great tree, with each of his fingers painted to resemble some of the fauna of both continents, in this case, a gigantic caterpillar on his right, and royal, thumb. A good-natured dispute arose as to the size of the actual caterpillar, which most felt was exaggerated. A live specimen was produced, settling the disagreement. The nickname 'Randshand' has been part of the caterpillar's nomenclature ever since.

This is the larval form of the Trojan Emperor Moth.

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