Lupkyn caterpillar

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Lupkyn Caterpillar
Habitat:Temperate forests.
Description:Plump to the point of looking bloated, this voracious caterpillar can eat several times its weight in a single day. This is a daunting volume considering the insect's prodigious six-thum overall length. Brightly colored in pinks, greens, blues and other improbably matched colors, its appearance is not widely considered to be attractive. Perhaps an indication that the Lupkyn is toxic, the colors serve little other purpose for camouflage in its natural habitat. Its swollen skin appears stretched to the limit, giving its contours a slick shine.
Notes:Their diet is comprehensive, for an herbivore, and it seems there is little vegetation they will not eat. Staples of this diet include leaves, fruit, bark, both living and decaying, and their mandibles can deliver a sharp warning bite if molested.

It is not precisely known how these caterpillars were named, as their resemblance to lupkyn in appearance and habit is non-existent.

This is the larval form of the Blackbearded Butterfly.

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