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Blackbearded Butterfly
Habitat:Most noted for their sky-darkening annual migrations, the blackbeards' travel routes take them from the Chemerian islands to the mid-altitudes of Mitralon in a perennial cycle.
Description:Dark and dusky, the subtle beauty of the Blackbeard's wing pattern require stationary specimens to truly appreciate.

However, swarms numbering in the millions create an entirely different spectacle, as the butterflies travel so closely together that they appear to darken the noonday sky, and speckles of sunlight appear as stars. Approximately three or four thums in length and slightly more for wingspan, the medium-sized insects are typically found at rest with their wings folded, displaying the much darker undersides.

Notes:The powdery resin left after making contact with the blackbeard has been reputed to cause moderate skin irritation.

This is the adult form of the Lupkyn Caterpillar.

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