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Xenos Walking Stick
Habitat:Grassy plains and forested regions, but concentrated in Katavyan, near the Praya river.
Description:Slow and awkward looking, this phasmid's lethargy is a successful foil to many sharp-eyed prey. Combined with its moderate camouflage pallet, the insect's movement is slow and deliberate, matching stirrings of the breeze, or simple random movement well enough to avoid detection. Reliable reports of specimens more than two rands in length are not uncommon.

The walking stick derives its name from a fabled wizard whose familiar was a gigantic and colorful phasmid that the mage often carried unobtrusively with him.

Notes:Little is known about the diet of the Xenos walking stick, although anecdotal research suggests they are predatory. Some skeptics suggest the slow and deliberate movement would force the insect to be a herbivore or scavenger.

Males and females do not differ much in size nor color, but only the females have ever been known to use their wings for flight. Male wing counterparts may be used in an audial courtship ritual.

This insect is at times used as bait to trap one of its gigantic predators, the Praya Mantis.

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