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Volcano Flea
Habitat:Volcanic regions of Ta'Raekhet and Mitralon.
Description:A quarter-thum in length, these mites are easily the largest flea on record, by an order of magnitude. Translucent gray in color, many of their internal organs are visible beneath their very tough carapace. This blood-rich spectacle gives rise to the myth that they feed on molten lava, which is patently ridiculous. This scarlet visual is more apparent immediately after feeding.

Six-legged, the four front legs are relatively weak gripping appendages, but their rear pair of legs are extremely well-developed, capable of producing leaps of up to twenty rands.

Notes:The prey of this parasite can be any warm-blooded mammal, and their bites are capable of penetrating even the thick skins of stegadonks. Bites on humanoid species are reported to be extremely painful, resulting in large welts that do not clot.

Folklore suggests that volcanoes erupt from madness induced in them by infestations of Volcano Fleas.

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