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My name is Morgan, in late thirties and I have been playing Primordiax from within weeks of its official start way back around March, and MUD's in general the late 90's, my first MUD ironically being Threshold which I played from home on an Apple Mac 280c.

My experience of Text Adventuring goes back as far as 1982 when I played games such as Sphinx Adventure, Philosophers quest on my BBC Micro, and I wrote my first text adventure game (simple verb , noun parser) in 1983.

Currently I am Linux / Novell server admin for one of the largest transport companies (possibly worldwide), and also am responsible for their new self service webpages.

In my spare time I design webpages, and am currently coding Joomla Components for a funeral company, and also have a personal project based around MMO's (a tool for them to use, not a personal MMO).

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