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Trojan Wasp
Habitat:Indigenous to Troj, this Vespid predator may be found almost anywhere that moisture and a place to build their daunting nests are available.
Description:Bright colors distinctly announce the intensity of this winged insect's venomous sting, which can be fatal to humanoids in sufficient quantities. Short-winged for a wasp, with a slender thick body, its stinger comprises nearly a tenth of its average two-thum length. In flight, its wings buzz audibly, much like a bee's. Mainly a burnt orange in color, its glistening skin can refract light in many hues, so coloration is at times hard to distinguish. It sports a set of short, broad transparent wings which flutter involuntarily, even with the insect at rest. Twin jointed antennae extend from just above its faceted eyes.
Notes:Highly aggressive and famed for hostile overkill, this wasp brooks little provocation. It can sting dozens of times, and swarms of wasps have been observed decimating beehives, perhaps over territoriality. Their paper-like hives can reach three rands in diameter and house thousands of specimens.

History records that Trojan hives were among some of the first projectiles hurled from trebuchet, although this practice was quickly abandoned, owing to nearly equal numbers of friendly and enemy casualties from wasp attacks.

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