Trojan meandering thorn

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Trojan Meandering Thorn
Description:This two-thum-long phasmid is much taller from toe to tip of spine than it is from front to back. Its green carapace is topped with a very sharp hooked thorn, used both for camouflage and defense. Its six sluggish legs are used for gripping and grappling, and its 'buggy' eyes seem barely attached to the side of its head. An all-over bright lime green, it blends perfectly on rose stems, thorned herbs and young locus trees.
Notes:Its diet is strictly vegetarian, chewing erratic patterns on green leaves, although it is not overly selective. It can be a garden pest, but they eat slowly if steadily, and are somewhat easy to pluck and chuck, as gardeners say. They seem susceptible to the same diseases as the leaves they eat, or they are clever mimics, and change their carapace to blend better, even on diseased plants.

Although the meandering thorn is a woe to step on, it is not venomous.

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