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The Bug Collection
Habitat:As they are highly adaptable, they have been observed throughout the known world.
Description:the tinkerbug is perhaps a thum long, ovoid in overall shape, and vaguely roach-like in appearance. Their body is covered in a yellowish carapace, and their six jointed legs are rather slender, built for speed and articulation rather than power. Each pair of legs seems specialized for grabbing one thing or another. The front pair is pincer-like, the middle pair are hooks, while the third are needle-like barbs with backward-facing spines for impaling and spiking. They possess a slightly extendable neck, allowing their inquisitive heads to swivel. Their eyes can move independently of one another, and unique to the insect kingdom, can be protected by a flexible but tough nictitating chitin, which appears to flash as it closes.
Notes:One of nature's problem-solvers, the tinkerbug is an avid tool-user. It has been reputed to use pebbles, sticks, bent grass, leaves and many others of nature's infinite shapes for achieving various purposes. They are able to migrate by cutting leaves and riding them along waterways, digging complex burrows, building simple but ingenious snares or alarms, and have been noted to demonstrate learning behavior with mazes and puzzles. They move quite quickly, and can right themselves from any accidental posture.

A highly prized favorite as pets amongst tinkers, inventors and appreciators of ingenuity, these insects often escape capture, never to be seen again.

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